“That’s a Wrap!” Volunteer and Sponsor Appreciation Party


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Heartland Film hosted an appreciation party to honor our amazing volunteers and sponsors that were able to help with our events in 2018.

During the event, Heartland Film’s Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Mary Foreman presented awards to our top volunteers and sponsors of 2018.

“As the new Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator for Heartland Film, it was an honor to be able to recognize those volunteers who exhibited so much leadership and passion during my first year with this organization,” Mary said. “The volunteers we recognized last night are some of the most inspiring members of our local community and it is a privilege to be able to work with them.”

Congratulations to our volunteer and sponsor award winners and thank you for everything you do for Heartland Film!

President’s Award: Claudia Dille
The President’s Award honors a long-time volunteer who has exemplified outstanding leadership in their service to this organization and made significant contributions to the mission of Heartland Film.

Bob Dietrich Award: Kathy Sax
The Bob Dietrich Award honors a volunteer who contributed boundless energy and unmatched enthusiasm to the mission of Heartland Film. Bob Dietrich was a dedicated Heartland Film volunteer for many years before transitioning into a staff member. Bob was always there to help Heartland succeed and he will always hold a special place in our hearts. Bob passed away in 2011, but his love of film and Heartland lives on.

Committee of the Year Award: Shift Chairs
The Committee of the Year Award honors a volunteer committee that exhibited endless enthusiasm and tireless effort in support of the festival.
Shift Chairs:
Ed Locke
Ginny Mosier
LeeAnn Edmonston
Rise Cogswell
Carolyn Goebel
Philip Cleveland
Karen Cooper
LouAnna Eichrodt
Pam Greene
Penny Jamison
Michele Luzetski
Cindy Maude
James May
Tina Morris
Rudy Osenbaugh
Donna Quiring
Erin Quiring
Dhyana Raynor
Larry Landis

Rising Star Award: Aaron & LeeAnn Edmonston
The Rising Star Award honors two new volunteers who have impressed the Heartland Film staff with their dedication, passion and willingness to help the festival in a profound way.

Work Your “Cast” Off Award: Tina Morris & Tammy Rutledge
The “Work Your “Cast” Off Award honors individuals whose service went above and beyond the expectations of volunteering. These volunteers display high levels of passion and enthusiasm and greatly improved the success of the Festival.

Sponsor of the Year Award: Think Ahead Studios
The Sponsor of the Year Award honors a Heartland Film sponsor who not only sees the importance of Heartland Film’s mission but continues to surpass expectations as a sponsorship.

Top Five Features Screeners
These screeners watched and reviewed the most feature films for Heartland Film.
1. Greg Retter
2. Steve Moll
3. Ann Cummings
4. Beth Raines
5. Bobbi Whittemore

Top Five Shorts Screeners
These screeners watched and reviewed the most short films for Heartland Film.
1. Steve Moll
2. Daniese Roberson
3. Clay Lomneth
4. Ginny Mosier
5. Kelly Boe


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