Student Film Critics: Eva Dean


Critic Eva Green and her father.New for 2016, local students were asked to review films from the Heartland Film Festival’s High School Film Competition.

Kicking off the program is Eva Dean, a fourth grader at Greenwood Schools. Nine-year-old Eva is a founding member of the Neverhood Kids Club, a club made up of neighborhood kids that solve mysteries, design elaborate Halloween decorations and meet regularly discuss pop culture. In her spare time, Eva takes cheerleading and tumbling classes, and is in her school choir. Her favorite subjects in school are writing and science. Eva is a fan of all genres of film and enjoys producing and editing her own short movies at home.

Fragile, Directed by Nilo Batle


In the film Fragile you meet a man named Gil Batle. In the beginning you may or may not think he is a bad man for how many times he has been in prison. As the film goes on you find out he is not a bad man and art got him through prison. This film was my favorite of them all. I like that something as simple as art can help someone in such a hard place like prison. This film is very touching and inspiring. The story can also help people that are in tough times and can help them get through it.

The Unseen, by Olivia Rosenbloom

The Unseen

The Unseen is about a man named David Askew who makes art for the homeless. He can look at a picture and almost recreate it in a painting. David has made many pictures for the homeless and he also supports them. I really liked this movie because I also like to make art and give it away to people. This movie shows how art can help people. David was once homeless and his art helped him change his life. David’s art makes himself and others happy. This movie made me feel happy because it feels good to give things to others. This short film is inspiring and David is a very kind person who has turned his life around.


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