Student Film Critics: Crishawn Montgomery


New for 2016, local students were asked to review films from the Heartland Film Festival’s High School Film Competition.

One of this year’s high school student film critics reviewing Heartland Film Festival’s High School Film Competition was Crishawn Montgomery from Crispus Attucks High School.   This talented student seems to have a great balance of loving his involvement at Attucks with sports and obviously his enjoyment of making comments about films during this year’s Heartland Film Festival.

During a recent interview with Crishawn, he had the following to say about 3 of Heartland’s films.


For You, Directed by Claire Imler and Dan Lesser

I liked this one because it showed a young girls’ journey through her fathers’ passing and growing up wanting to be like him.   I felt her emotions.

At the Other End, by Charlie Skuy

I didn’t like this one because it was very confusing. The music was off and the boy’s mother was happy and then just flips out without any real reason.  When the film was finished, I was confused about understanding the filmmaker’s intentions.

Camping Trip, by Audrey Larson

I actually had mixed feelings about this film.   I liked the beginning how it held my interest to see where the film was going, but then it just lost me. I was confused towards the end of the film not understanding the message.


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