Become a Pre-Screener!

Heartland Film reviews thousands of film submissions for HIFF and Indy Shorts every year! Our volunteer pre-screening committees’ primary task of a committee member is to thoughtfully view and identify films of interest to the Heartland Film programming staff. The Heartland Film programming staff carefully selects applicants based on their knowledge and interest in film and their strength in writing and film evaluation.All pre-screeners are required to go through an application process. This committee is not for the casual movie watcher. Pre-screeners are required to view a minimum of 6 feature films biweekly (3 per week) or 28 shorts biweekly (14 per week).

We have filled all of our pre-screener slots for the 2021 Festivals, but you can apply for the 2022 committee this fall.
Here are some things to consider when thinking about becoming a pre-screener:

Heartland Film considers thousands of submissions internationally each year, each viewed at least twice by different committee members, some more. The short film pre-screening season lasts from January-May and the feature film pre-screening season lasts from January-July.
It’s one thing to say you like movies, but it’s another to commit to watching hundreds of films of varying quality and succinctly yet critically evaluate/score them at the required level.


Screening committee volunteers will receive festival ticket/fest pass benefits based on the total number of films they have reviewed at the end of the pre-screening period.

Tech Requirements

Because the pre-screening process is entirely online, you can live anywhere to be a pre-screener, but you need reliable access to the Internet for streaming HD video and a personal computer or tablet.