When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep


Not long ago, Tung woke up with a yellow post-it note stuck to his forehead. It told him his girlfriend had dumped him and gone to cram school, which is like an intense community college where you can earn extra degrees in a short amount of time. Not willing to take it lying down, he headed down to Nanyang Street – the most famous (and infamous) high-pressure cram school district in Taipei. There, he takes a job at the local copy shop printing exams for the cram schools, hoping to one day run into his lost love.

That’s when Tung notices something strange doodled on the exams from the nearby Bisheng school – a cartoon sheep, all alone on the plains of blank white paper surrounding her, looking for a fellow grazing animal. The sheep and its funny little messages intrigue Tung, and on an impulse he decides to draw something back, like a message in a bottle. He draws a little wolf that responds affectionately to the sheep through dialog and animation. This begins to blossom into a special friendship between the two artists as they continue to find the delightful aspects of life and start to recover from their past relationship failings. This is how a wolf fell in love with a sheep.


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