Under the Same Moon


Nine-year-old Carlos aka Carlitos is one of the countless children left behind by parents who come to the U.S. seeking a way to provide for their families. His mother, Rosario has worked illegally as a domestic in Los Angeles for four years, sending money home to her son and mother to give them a chance at a better life.  When the death of his grandmother leaves young Carlitos alone, he takes his fate into his own hands and heads north across the border to find his mother.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Rosario denies herself many things in order to give her son a good life in Mexico. She works desperately to save enough money to bring Carlitos to America to live with her and makes difficult choices. Have you ever had to sacrifice something for the ones you love? What were those things? Did your sacrifices ultimately help those people you were trying to help?

If you were put in the same situation as Rosario—having to choose between being near your child or providing him with a good life—which would you pick? Why?

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