Tuck Everlasting


Winnie Foster, a teenage girl on the cusp of maturity, longs for a life outside the control of her domineering mother. When lost in the woods near her home she happens upon Jesse Tuck, a boy unlike any she’s ever met before. He and his family are kind and generous, and they immediately take her in as one of their own. However, the Tucks hold a powerful secret, and with the mysterious Man in the Yellow Suit tracking them down they fear that the world as they know it could end.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Winnie lived a life of privilege, but felt very stifled by it. Are there any similarities between her life at home and your own? What are the differences? How did things change for Winnie when she was living with the Tucks?

The Tucks will live forever. Would you want to live forever? What are the positives and negatives? Do you think the Tucks were cursed? Why do you think Winnie decided not to drink from the stream?

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