The Secret Life of Bees

The home of the intelligent and independent honey-making Boatwright sisters is suddenly thrust into upheaval with the arrival of fourteen year-old Lily Owens and her caretaker Rosaleen.  Surrounded by the unexpected comforts, grace and deep rooted spirituality Lily encounters in the Boatwright home, she soon forms a maternal bond with each of these women whose unique and special gifts help reconcile the loss of her mother. Through the strength and female empowerment that embodies the Boatwright sisters, Lily ultimately comes to the realization that sometimes you must leave home in order to find it.

Sample F.I.L.M. Curriculum Questions:

Lily describes revealing her secret about her mother to August in the following sentence: “It was scary, my secrets spilled out across the room, like a garbage truck had backed up and dumped its sorry contents across the floor for her to sort through.” Why are secrets so scary to reveal? What does Lily fear? Why might you fear letting go of your secrets?

Has anyone ever divulged your secret(s) without your permission? How did this make you feel? Did you seek revenge? Is revenge appropriate?

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