The Rookie

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Runtime127 min

Jimmy Morris is a Texas high school science teacher and baseball coach. Morris follows his dream of playing major league baseball despite the age difference between himself and the average rookie. Morris, who was forced to give up a promising baseball career because of injury, has resigned himself to a life of teaching and passing his dream on to a new generation. But a wager with the members of the high school team he now coaches forces him to consider the unthinkable: to become a major league rookie at the age of 35.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Jimmy Morris was a well-loved coach and teacher who really pushed his students. Have you ever had a teacher or coach that made you want to do really well? Who was that person? Why did you want to work so hard for him or her?

Baseball was always Jimmy’s dream, even when he was a kid. He always wanted to play, and he practiced all the time. What is your dream? Do you think this is something you can accomplish in your life?

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