Remember the Titans

When the school board in the town of Alexandria, Virginia, is forced to integrate an all black school with an all white school, the very foundation of football’s great tradition is put to the test. Herman Boone, a young black coach, is hired to replace a white man with several years’ seniority as head coach of the T.C. Williams High Titans. As America struggles through some of her most turbulent years of anti-war protests, civil rights marches and demonstrations of all kinds, the time for change has come to Virginia and to the Titans.

Remember the Titans played at the 2000 Heartland Film Festival in the Festival Grand Opening.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Explain and describe the relationships between Coach Yoast and Coach Boone. Why do you think they regard one another in the way they do? How does their relationship change over time? Why? Have you ever experienced a similar relationship?

Sometimes Coach Boone’s methods seemed extreme. Do you feel that his methods were too harsh? Have you ever had a teacher, coach or mentor who pushed you in a similar way? Did you feel like this was an effective way to motivate you?

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