Princess Diaries, The


Mia Thermopolis is a social outcast whose life changes drastically after learning she is the heir to a tiny European principality’s throne. But as her royal grandmother schools Mia on the fine points of posture and conducting herself with gracious disdain, she becomes progressively at odds with her best friend.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Mia learns just before her 16th birthday that she is actually the princess of Genovia. Many young girls dream of being princesses or royalty some day. As portrayed in The Princess Diaries, what are some good things about being a princess in the spotlight? What are some of the bad things?

Mia states in the film that her expectation in life is to be invisible and that she’s good at it. Being invisible to Mia is a defense mechanism to keep teasing and bullying at school at bay. Like Mia, do you have any defense mechanisms? What are they?

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