Miss Potter


Beatrix Potter, author of the Peter Rabbit series for children, remained a single woman into her thirties, focusing on her art and storytelling rather than marriage. Referring to her illustrations as her friends, Potter found solace in recounting the tales of clever animals like Peter Rabbit, entertaining friends and family alike. When she takes her first book to a publisher and unexpectedly is accepted, her life begins to change in ways she’d never imagined.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Beatrix Potter was 32 when her first book was published. At this age she still had a maid who was always there to chaperone her. How has life changed for women since the Victorian Age?

Miss Potter was nervous about city life and dealing with publishers. Once she found out she would be published, she decided to consider this new life an adventure. Have you ever been nervous about doing something new in your life? How did you respond to the new situation?

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