Highway to Dhampus


Elizabeth James is in trouble in the tabloids again, and her parents (and publicist) have had enough. In an attempt to turn her image around, she has been sent to Ghandruk, Nepal to do charity work at an isolated orphanage with jaded photographer Colt Morgan in tow. The fastest way to reach Ghandruk is by air, and they are flown by young but accomplished mountain pilot Ajit Thapa, who bristles at Elizabeth’s caustic demeanor. When they reach Ghandruk they meet Laxmi, the beaming head matron of the village’s orphanage, which lies in the shadow of the majestic Mount Machhapuchchhre, or “Fish Tail” mountain.

These four individuals from four different worlds will learn what it means to be charitable, to give and to love, but what unfolds will change their lives forever.


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