Forever Strong

Starring, ,
Runtime112 min

Rick Penning thought he had it all. He was in peak physical condition and the star of his rugby team fighting for the upcoming national title. But his spoiled attitude and a lifestyle laced with drugs and alcohol makes him reckless. Following a second DUI and an almost fatal car accident, Rick finds himself sentenced to a year behind bars in an out-of-state detention center, having disappointed his strict coach and father.

Forever Strong played at the 2008 Heartland Film Festival in the Truly Moving Picture Award Winners Sidebar.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

How does Larry Gelwix’s style of coaching as portrayed in the movie and in the above quote help shape your understanding of the team’s success?

In the movie, what is the significance of the Highland’s routine of the “Ka Mate” haka before the games and how does Rick Penning’s view of it change over the course of the movie?

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