Dream Rider


Dream Rider is a heart-warming story of courage, love and victory based on the life story of Bruce Jennings, a young man from Fullerton, California. Early in his senior year of high school, the football hero lost his leg in a tragic motorcycle accident. Dream Rider deals with Bruce’s physical and psychological adjustment to his new circumstance, resulting in a triumphant, record breaking coast-to-coast bicycle ride.

Bruce’s turn from despair to hope takes place in a convalescent home owned by the loving yet demanding William Perry (James Earl Jones). Mr. Perry combines with the family priest (Murray Rose) to pull Bruce out of the depression and feelings of resignation which had overwhelmed him. Bruce’s turn-around is made complete by the endearing love which develops for a student nurse (Heather Hasse). Dream Rider is an inspiring look at the power of love and concern for the well-being of others.

Bruce is portrayed by the young actor, Matthew Geriak, who himself lost a leg due to cancer, just three years ago. Like Bruce, Matthew fought his was back to health and won a Bronze medal in downhill skiing at the Para-Olympics in Alberville, France.


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