Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The


A year after their last adventure in Narnia, the four Pevensie children–Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter–are beckoned back to the magical world. Over a thousand years has passed in Narnia, however, and the one-time rulers find the countryside to be a much different place than they remember. The civilization they’d grown to love and eventually rule over is on the brink of extinction, all while an evil king positions himself to take the throne by any means necessary.

Sample F.I.L.M. Curriculum Questions:

No person or creature in the tale of Prince Caspian is too big or too small to play an important role in helping bring Old Narnia back to life. What are some of the roles you play everyday? Think about every role, big or small.

Why do you think Aslan made Prince Caspian king even though Caspian did not think he was ready? Why is Caspian’s uncertainty about being King a sign of strength, not weakness?

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