A single mother moves to a small French village and opens a chocolate shop at the beginning of Lent, right across from a Catholic church. This infuriates the mayor, who is Catholic and dead set on closing her shop.  While the mayor and Vianne continue to battle each other, Vianne slowly begins to win the hearts and minds of the local people via her chocolate.

Sample Discussion Guide Questions:

Anouk loved to hear the story of her grandparents, how they met and how their way of life came to be. Why do you think she enjoyed this story even though she disliked moving around so often? As you were growing up did you hear stories of your grandparents or other ancestors that gave you insight into your family?

Vianne almost prescribes chocolate as a doctor or pharmacist would prescribe pills to a patient. What were some of the ailments she tried to cure in the town with her chocolate? Did it work?

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