Cairo 678


The stories of three women of different social classes unfold as they unite in their search for justice from the daily plight of sexual harassment in Egypt. Fayza, a conservative mother of two, violently takes matters into her own hands; Seba, an affluent jewelry designer and victim to a gang attack, lectures women on retaliating against these vulgar acts; and Nelly, an amateur stand-up comedian, gets nationally condemned for being the first Egyptian to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Fayza emerges as a phantasmal hero, subsequently joined by the other women who aspire to be like her when they realize such violence makes a difference.

Cairo 678 is one of those rare films that truly makes a difference in the world; in this case, causing new legislation to be enacted in Egypt to reprimand sexual harassers. Tackling a difficult subject with a beautiful and fluid style, Cairo 678 is an important reminder of the issues faced by women around the world.

This film contains mature themes, some disturbing violent content, some sexual content and some mild language.


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