Interview with Director of Secretariat, Randall Wallace


We recently spoke with Randall Wallace about his new film, the Truly Moving Picture Award winning Secretariat. Wallace directed the film, and is also responsible for the script of another Truly Moving Picture Award winner, Braveheart. Click here for the full audio interview.

Wallace talks about the difficulties involved with making an historical story suspenseful for a modern audience, and how the filmmakers achieved this effect by accurately recreating the thundering race horses.

He also discusses his collaboration with a long-time friend of Heartland, screenwriter Mike Rich.  Rich is responsible for a number of Truly Moving Picture Award winners, including Finding Forrester, The Rookie, and Radio.

Wallace also talks about using real jockies for the production, instead of stand-ins, in an attempt to realistically recreate the feel of the races.

Finally, Wallace comments on the films that move him, including his own Braveheart, as it teaches the values that young men need to learn. Additionally, he discusses his production company, Wheelhouse Entertainment, a group concerned with creating media focused on classic values, including video games, music, and movies.


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