Indy Shorts International Film Festival moves to drive-in and virtual format, running July 21–26, at Tibbs Drive-In and your home


COVID-19 has hit the arts industry hard, but it’s not stopping the third annualIndy Shorts International Film Festival presented by Heartland Film from showcasing 18 programs featuring 128 shorts in Academy Award®-qualifying event.

Heartland Film announced the entire lineup of short films available for streaming from the comfort of your home during the festival week of July 21-26, 2020. To provide the true cinematic experience, there will also be four screenings under the stars at Tibbs Drive-In theatre (480 S Tibbs Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46241) in the categories of Indiana Spotlight, Comedy, Award Winners and a NEW category, Heartland Horror. Tickets and passes for the virtual festival and drive-in screenings can be purchased at

“You can never slow the Heartland Film team down particularly when it comes to INDY SHORTS.They accepted the bumps in the road this year and kept on moving. We always salute and acknowledge our sponsors and audiences so this year I’m adding the innovative staff to that list,” said Heartland Film President Craig Prater.

Since 2009, shorts programmed by Heartland Film have gone on to earn 19 Academy Award® nominations and seven Academy Award® wins, including wins in the past five Oscar ceremonies. This year’s films are competing for more than $30,000 in cash prizes. The Grand Prize for Best Narrative and Best Documentary Short Film will each qualify for consideration in the Short Films categories of the Academy Awards®.

Drive-In Schedule

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Indiana Spotlight 1 Program | 9:25 p.m.

Friday, July 24, 2020
Indiana Spotlight 2 Program | 9:25 p.m
Heartland Horror Program | 11:25 p.m.

Saturday, July 25, 2020
Award Winners Program | 9:25 p.m.Sunday

July 26, 2020
Comedy Program | 9:25 p.m.

Full 2020 Indy Shorts International Film Festival Lineup

Finalist 1
Jack and Jo Don’t Want to Die | Director: Kantú Lentzo
28 | Directors: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran
White Eye | Director: Tomer Shushan
Traces | Directors: Sophie Tavert Macian, Hugo Frassetto
Flower Punk | Director: Alison Klayman

Finalist 2
The Match | Director: Pia Andell
Kapaemahu | Directors: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe WIlson
No Crying at the Dinner Table | Director: Carol Nguyen
Yellow Girl and Me | Director: Isabella Issa
Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible | Director: Kristen Lappas, Tom Rinaldi

Finalist 3
Camp ALEC | Director: Christopher Stoudt
He Can’t Live Without Cosmos | Director: Konstantin Bronzit
The Spiritual Exercises | Directors: Lloyd Kramer, Scott Chestnut
If Anything Happens I Love You | Directors: Will McCormack, Michael Govier
Da Yie | Director: Anthony Nti

Heartland Horror
Deep End | Director: Anthony Sellitti
Waffle | Director: Carlyn Hudson
Eject | Director: David YorkeRope | Director: Menu’Ette Silver
The Rink | Director: Ronald Short
Who Goes There? | Director: Astrid Thorvaldsen
The Way Station | Director: J.R. Affolder
The Fall | Director: Jonathan Glazer
Stucco | Directors: Janina Gavankar, Russo Schelling

Good Mourning | Director: Daniel Rashid
A Piece of Cake | Directors: The Bragg Brothers
Pay It Forward | Director: Anthony Lucero
Coffee Shop Names | Director: Deepak Sethi
Ascending Grace | Director: Claire Byrne
I’m Happy I Promise | Director: Mimi Cave
Out of Stock | Director: Bryan Taira
I Can Change | Director: Jim Jenkins

Indiana Spotlight 1
Sonnie | Director: Samuel Mirpoorian
Crafting a Community | Director: Cole Callahan
The Kite | Director: Zac Cooper
Our Wetlands: Working to Protect Us | Director: Rocky Walls
Fire Flower | Director: Steve Leeper
No Limits Leadership Club | Director: Rocky Walls
For Rose | Director: Selena Webb, Samantha Essex
20 Over | Director: Chad Veal

Indiana Spotlight 2
Kinetic | Director: Kylie Eaton
The Mailing List | Director: Talon Reed Cooper
50 Little Birds | Director: Hannah Lindgren
Black Unscripted | Director: Rachel Hardy
Paradox | Director: Glenn Pratt
Counting the Cost | Director: Maggie Cripe
Bird of Paradise | Director: Alexander Zorn
Larry from Gary | Director: Dan Rybicky

High School Film Competition
Cat | Director: Madeleine White
Dichrome | Director: Weston Snider
Bluebird’s Daydream | Director: Tian Yi (Amy) Shi
Stitching a Life: The Story of Trudie | Directors: Strobel Spirit Avedon, Natasha Clement, Lila Dworsky-Hickey, Ian Kim, Miranda Lewis
Night of the Crabs | Director: Elyas MasrourInstinct | Director: Yinuo Wei
A Quartet Supreme | Director: D.J. Holman
Whipped Cream Cake | Directors: Raymond Mo, Minju Hong
One Among Them | Director: Paul Cosby
Left Behind | Director: Maggie Ding
Into the Horizon | Director: Aiden Keltner
Last Chance Dance | Directors: Molly Stanfield, Steven Yao

Family Friendly
Maestro | Director: Illogic
¡Come! (Eat) | Director: Lizette Barrera
Kinoko | Director: Erika Gomi
Dog Date Afternoon | Director: Lachlan Ryan
Missing Cat | Director: Simon Tofield
Umbrella | Directors: Helena Hilario, Mario Pece
Knocking Down the Fences | Director: Meg Shutzer
Leaf | Director: Aliona Baranova
Just Hold On | Directors: Sam Davis, Rayka Zehtabchi

Powerful Portraits
The Other Fab Four | Director: Ben Proudfoot
The Greatest Night | Director: JLee MacKenzie
Asmahan the Diva | Director: Chloé Mazlo
Yves & Variation | Director: Lydia Cornett
Eddy’s World | Director: Lyn Goldfarb
Driven| Director: Cody Wilson
Susana| Director: Laura Gamse
The Lost Astronaut| Director:Ben Proudfoot

School’s In Session
The School Bus| Director: Ramazan Kılıç
Wiggle Room | Directors: Laura Garber Gamse, Annie Munger
Adeline, The Great| Director: Jessica Mendez Siqueiros
Little Chief | Director: Erica Tremblay
The White Wall | Directors:Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi
My Father the Mover | Director: Julia Jansch
Tree #3 | Director: Omer Ben-Shachar

A Call For Change
Pizza Party | Director: Tessa Hope Slovis
Let’s Not Go There| Director: Jonathan Kiefer
Do Not Split | Director: Anders Hammer
The Stamp| Director: Lovro Mrdjen
Church and the Fourth Estate | Director: Brian Knappenberger

Sousaphone | Director: Flo Linus Baumann
Blocks | Director: Bridget Moloney
Blackheads| Director: Emily Ann Hoffman
Heading South | Director: Yuan Yuan
Something to Remember | Director:Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Freeze | Director: Maya Albanese
Postcards from the End of the World | Director: Konstantinos Antonopoulos

No More Wings | Director: Abraham Adeyemi
Ciunas (Silence) | Director:Tristan Heanue
Kindling | Director: Xinyi Zhu
Huntsville Station | Directors: Jamie Meltzer & Chris Filippone
Clarity | Director:Roy Arwas
Four | Director: Jennifer Sheridan
Broken Bird | Director: Rachel Harrison Gordon

Return to Nature
One Word Sawalmem | Directors: Natasha Deganello Giraudie & Michael “Pom” Preston
The Winter | Director: Xin Li
Mermaids Against Plastic: Tamara | Director: Sylvia Johnson
The Love Bugs | Directors: Allison Otto & Maria Clinton
Urbanality | Director: Evan McInnes
From Kurils With Love | Director: Taylor Rees

I’ve Got Your Back
Feeling Through | Director: Doug Roland
Skewwhiff | Director: Robin Summons
Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad | Directors: Camrus Johnson, Pedro Piccinini
Blood and Glory | Director: Satinder Kaur
Lalo’s House | Director: Kelley Kali
The Present | Director: Farah Nabulsi

Pride in July
Paese Che Vai – When In Rome | Director: Luca Padrini
Kama’aina | Director: Kimi Howl Lee
Lovestruck | Director: Liam Loughran
Vote | Director: Honora Talbott
Jack and Anna | Director: Ksenia Ivanova
Caro Comes Out | Director: Brit Fryer & Caro Hernandez
The Paint Wizzard | Director: Jessica Wolfson & Jessie Auritt

In A Bind
Automatic | Director: Emma Dixoiadi
The Priest| Director: Michael Vukadinovich
Pigeon | Director: Sang Joon Kim
Daniel | Director: Claire van Beek
Cayenne| Director: Simon Gionet
I’ll End Up In Jail | Director: Alexandre Dostie

About Heartland Film, Inc.
Heartland Film is a nonprofit arts organization founded in 1991 with the mission to inspire filmmakers and audiences through the transformative power of film. Heartland Film presents the annual Heartland International Film Festival, Academy Award®-qualifying Indy Shorts International Film Festival, the Heartland Film Best of Fest, Heartland Film Marquee Series and
bestows the Truly Moving Picture Award industry honor to major film releases throughout the year. In response to COVID, Heartland Film launched Heartland Film at Home as a safe option to watch the latest and best in independent cinema including HIFF films from the past from your home. For more information, visit


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