Future Filmmakers from Allisonville Elementary School


Heartland Film enjoys working with future filmmakers particularly 5th-grade students from Allisonville Elementary School. The following students voiced interest in filmmaking to their teacher, Emily Hodson. Ms. Hodson submitted the following reviews of the short film, “Violet” to Heartland International Film Festival. Good job students!


“Violet” is a short animated film about a girl who feels very self conscious about her looks and is continuously doubting herself and judging herself. While she is doing that, she is missing out on her life. One day she goes to school, and a poster is up about a required ball. She’s very nervous. Over the next days, she worries and worries. When the day finally comes, something unexpected happens.
I loved this short animated film. I loved how there was only one voice, the narrator. It was very unique and I found it a good kind of interesting.

The unpredictable plot twist was outstanding! I was surely not expecting that. The animation for this was absolutely amazing! It looked very different, and almost layered, kind of like paper. It was different, but lovely.

The first few minutes felt very real. I think everyone can relate to looking in a mirror and not liking what you see. This movie was realistic in a symbolic type of way. I always love movies that I can relate to. This was another factor that made it so I really loved it.

The rhyming got a little old after awhile, but I still loved this film. It was very powerful and sent an amazing message to those who have felt self conscious about themselves. I absolutely loved this film. I would give it 5 out of 5, without hesitation. I would watch this over and over. The ending was astounding. I don’t want to give it away, so I won’t. Just know, it is great and I loved it. You should all watch this film, especially if don’t love the way you look. Good job, Maurice Joyce and Mark Hodkinson!

– Lainey D.


Do you ever look in the mirror and think you see a demon staring back at you? In this short film, Violet, the main character, thinks of herself as plain and normal. For example, she has a “melon shaped head”, which she dislikes. We enjoyed this movie because of how it seems like a poem in motion. The film had good rhymes and was interesting in a different kind of way. The narrator played a part in this movie as it helped the viewers understand the film. We give this a 78.9% because it makes sense, but it wasn’t perfect.

We think the short film was a slightly above average movie, but not Oscar worthy.

– Jahnu and Caleb


The movie had a good story and a good moral but some of the parts I didn’t like.

The Narrator’s voice wasn’t that effective because the voice just seemed to get deeper and deeper and croaky and made me less interested in what he was saying. Also the rhymes were cool but after a while the rhyming was annoying. I did like the animation style though. I liked the movie over all but I don’t really like some of the things in the movie. So that is why I rate this a 3 ½ stars.

– John S.


Have you ever not accepted what you see in the mirror?

“Violet” is a short film about a girl that can’t accept what she looks like, I loved how powerful the message was. The animation was extremely unique and almost looked like paper, and the beginning was uncommon.

The narrator’s voice was satisfying and I loved his accent. The ending was truly unexpected and I liked how the whole film rhymed.

Overall I would give this film 5/5 stars! This film was spectacular and I loved it! I would honestly recommend this film to anyone.

– Morgan H.


Violet is a story about a girl who doesn’t accept how she looks. I think that the message it is sending out is very thoughtful, however; I thought the movie was fairly dull and the music was not very exciting. The story looks like it is made all in paper but is not. The movie is told by one voice who is the narrator and other than that there were no other voices. The movies animation was not very good in my opinion. I would rate the movie ⅗ stars because I thought it had a good plot but other than that I did not really like the movie.

– Conrad G.


Violet was a heartwarming film exploring the struggle we all face once in a while, the other person in the mirror. Violet is wonderfully done, with an interesting approach having the narrator speak for himself and the other characters. I would give this film a 4.75/5, because the rhyming got a bit old, but to make up for it, the music placed you right next to Violet, and the graphics were stunning, realistic and at the same time, a blend I haven’t seen elsewhere. To top it off, the film seemed to have an effect of silence at the end, because you had to let all the wonderful things sink in, then watch it again to say you had truly seen it. This film is heartfelt and inspiring packed into 6 minutes.

– Aubrey


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