Feel-Good Documentary Batkid Begins Wins Truly Moving Picture Award


“Hopeful and inspiring, Batkid Begins exemplifies the very of best of the human spirit and what we can accomplish together,” said Tim Irwin, artistic director for Heartland Film. “Beyond its feel-good story, the film’s editing and composition provide a well-rounded portrait of Miles Scott and effectively shows us how the world came together to make his wish come true.”

On one day, in one city, the world comes together to grant one five-year-old cancer patient his wish.

The documentary Batkid Begins looks at the “why” of this flash phenomenon. Why did the intense outpouring of spontaneous support for a child reverberate around the world and become one of the biggest “good news stories” ever?

The film explores what happens when an event goes unintentionally viral, and reveals surprising truths about what happens when a nerve is touched in our digital society. Will Make-A-Wish fulfill its mission to help Miles reclaim his childhood after battling disease for more than half his short life?

In the end, the film leaves audiences to decide; did Miles need the world for inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?

Batkid Begins was directed by Dana Nachman, who also produced the documentary with Liza Meak. The film was written by Nachman & Kurt Kuenne. Ian Reinhard & John Crane served as executive producers.

Behind the scenes, the directors of photography were Don Hardy and Naomi Ture; the editor was Kurt Kuenne; and the animation is by Rob Simmons. Dave Tweedie and Helen Jane Long composed the music.

Listen to an interview with the Writer/Editor/Sound Effects Editor of Batkid Begins, Kurt Kuenne:

New Line Cinema presents a KTF Films Production, a Dana Nachman film, Batkid Begins. The film will be distributed in limited release on June 26, 2015, by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


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