Cultural Journey Spotlight: Jorge Ramírez Suárez, Director, Screenwriter, Producer


Join Heartland Film in celebrating the culture, cinema, and cuisine of Mexico at the second annual Cultural Journey. Come experience Mexican culture during this unforgettable four-day event featuring movie screenings, authentic cuisine, live entertainment, and more!

Until then, learn more about some of the films screening at Cultural Journey: Mexico from the filmmakers themselves.


Buen Día, Ramón
“Buen Día, Ramón” tells the heartwarming story of a young man from a small Mexican town who travels to Germany to find work in order to support his family. While abroad, he struggles to survive on the streets until he meets Ruth, a lonely senior citizen with whom he develops an astonishing and touching friendship that transcends borders and prejudices.

Jorge Ramírez Suárez is the director, screenwriter, and producer of “Buen Día, Ramón.” He knew at a very young age that he wanted to become a filmmaker. After attending film school in Mexico City, he produced several films before directing his first feature film, “Rabbit on the Moon” in 2004.

His inspiration for “Buen Día, Ramón” stemmed from his own experience of living in both Mexico and Germany. While living in Germany, he met a couple people from Ecuador and Mexico that had no papers, couldn’t speak German, and were cleaning houses to earn money to send home. His inspiration also came from his wife’s Godmother, who was an older woman that lived alone. Jorge was intrigued by how the elderly cope with loneliness when living alone because in his experience in Mexico, families are big, they stay together, eat together, and spend time together. He knew there was a story to tell with the idea that our communication goes beyond language. We understand each other through emotions and the look in our eyes and our expressions.

When asked about the most memorable part of filming “Buen Día, Ramón,” Jorge said, “When I was shooting the scene with Ramón and Ruth talking to each other over dinner. We shot that scene in several days, but the first day when I did the first pass of the scene, and when I said cut, I turned and I saw my script girl crying. Then I stand up and I see my director of photography also crying, and I went into the room and everybody was crying. Emotionally, everyone was touched. And I said, “I have something here.” And I thought this was the most important scene.”

Taste & See Mexico: Buen Día, Ramón
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This taste bud experience will be followed by a screening of “Buen Día, Ramón”.

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