Cultural Journey Spotlight: Alejandro Andrade, Director, Screenwriter


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Andy’s world changes completely when his mother has an accident. When there is no one to take care of him, the boy is carried to Cuernavaca to stay with his paternal grandmother. While his mother is debating between life and death, Andy faces the rejection of his grandmother, the seductive and dangerous world of the gardener’s son, and begins the search for his father.

Alejandro Andrade is the director and screenwriter of “Cuernavaca.” He knew he wanted to become a filmmaker when he was seventeen and attended film school and worked on short films and television before working on feature films.

Alejandro’s inspiration for “Cuernavaca” originated from his childhood memories. He used the memories of his grandmother’s house and environment to create a setting for his story. Alejandro also used characteristics from his aunt as inspiration for his character of the woman with Down syndrome played by Dulce Domínguez. His most memorable moments were working with Dulce.

“She was really sweet to the crew, but she had great difficulty with a lot of things,” Alejandro said. “She was full of fears. She was really afraid of working with cats for example. Working with her and having her pet the cats–seeing how she could gain confidence and how she could be secure of herself was really amazing for all of us. So everything she thought she couldn’t do, she did and it was a great accomplishment for the crew. All the moments with her were really, really special.”

Alejandro wants the audience to feel close to the main character, Andy, to feel what he feels and see what he sees as his character grows throughout the film.

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