Auralex Acoustics Completes Heartland Truly Moving Pictures’ Screening Room


Since Heartland Truly Moving Pictures moved into its new space in Fountain Square last year, our screening room has undergone an amazing transformation.

What began with speakers brought in from home with a pull-up screen has turned into a state-of-the-art space with projection equipment, surround sound and custom lighting. Although the room looked amazing, one thing was missing: Acoustical sound treatment!

Our friends at Auralex Acoustics came in and set us up with all the right treatments to give our guests the best moviegoing experience possible. Auralex Acoustics and Heartland Truly Moving Pictures are very excited to share with you how it was all done:

“Auralex Acoustics is proud to be a local sponsor of Heartland Truly Moving Pictures because their work inspires us. It has been both an honor and our pleasure to help make their multi-purpose screening room sound fantastic.”

Come down and check out our screening room every First Friday of the month – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Auralex!


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