An Interview with Special Projects Manager Charles Baines


Charles Baines

Charles Baines – Special Projects Manager

Charles runs Heartland Film Roadshow screenings, manages video production projects and assists with various operations tasks.

Charles received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Anderson University. With an affinity for music and movies, Charles is especially skilled in the realm of video editing and event production. He is also a guitar player and lover of sports and comic books.

How long have you been working at Heartland Film? What did you do before joining the staff?

I have officially been on staff since September 2014, but before that I was freelancing for Director of Operations Adam Howell for several years. Before coming to Heartland Film, I worked for Sharp Electronics and helped manage a print shop.

Complete the following sentence: I love my job because…

I love my job because I get to work with like-minded people within the industry that I’ve been interested in since college. I also love the autonomy and flexibility associated with my position here.

What was one of your favorite films growing up?

I remember Star Wars as being one of the first films in which I had a transcendent experience; I think I was between six and eight years old.

Name some of your all-time favorite films.

  1. Blade Runner (1982, Ridley Scott)
  2. Memento (2000, Christopher Nolan)
  3. Too many to name!

Do you have any favorite filmmakers/directors? What do you like about their work?

Absolutely, too many to name! But some of my favorites are Christopher Nolan, the Coen Brothers, Alfred Hitchcock and Wes Anderson. I love Nolan’s passion and what he’s done for the Batman franchise, the Coen Brothers’ ability to do everything themselves and their control of their vision, and Anderson’s shot composition and attention to detail.  As far as Hitchcock is concerned, you could basically teach a master class on filmmaking just from his body of work.

What’s your favorite feel-good/guilty pleasure movie?

The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey. Basically anything with Jim Carrey or Robin Williams.

Who are some of your favorite fictional characters? What do you like about them?

I would have to say Han Solo from Star Wars because he is just the epitome of cool; he is more James Dean than James Dean himself. And I would also throw in Walter White from “Breaking Bad” because the slow-burning character development of that show is just incredible–like nothing I have ever seen before.

What do you like to do when you are not working or watching movies?

The short answer is sleep, but I also love playing guitar, hiking and backpacking.

What are your top three karaoke songs, or songs that you love to belt out when you are driving alone?

Basically anything that comes on the radio. I don’t really have any go-to songs, but I sometimes work on the side as a karaoke DJ, so let’s just say many classic songs have been ruined for me.

Is there a special talent and/or superpower that you wish you had?

I would love to just be Superman–he has always been my favorite superhero. And for special talents, I would love to be able to flip a switch and become incredibly talented at skills and interests that I already have, i.e. turn a switch and instantly become as skilled on the guitar as Eddie Van Halen.

You’re throwing a party and you can invite anyone in the world (dead or alive, famous, historical, etc.) –who would you invite and would the party have a theme?

I would love to host a 90s themed party and invite all of my favorite musicians and filmmakers so I could talk to them about their creative process. David Bowie, Lou Reed, Eddie Van Halen and all the members of Led Zeppelin would definitely be in attendance.

What advice would you give the younger version of yourself?

That’s a great question that I think about way more than I probably should. But honestly, I don’t think I would change anything except tell myself to stop worrying so much.


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