A Whisper to a Roar Now on DVD & Digital Download!


2012 Heartland Film Festival Official Selection – Documentary Feature A Whisper to a Roar is now available on DVD and digital download within the United States!

The film’s subjects span the full spectrum of democratic activists: student leaders (Venezuela); young professionals (Egypt); currently active opposition politicians (Malaysia and Zimbabwe); and a former president (Ukraine). These heroes tell their compelling personal stories of struggle with the oppressive regimes ruling their countries, now or in the past. The activists come from a variety of cultures and live on different continents, yet they all take enormous risks to pursue political freedom for their people and aspire for accountable government. In each country, the regimes and rulers that oppress their people use remarkably similar techniques and the activists’ most successful techniques are also remarkably alike, regardless of their circumstances.

This film shows the struggle of people from very different nations who all share the desire to be free from tyranny. Through populist uprisings, they succeed in varying ways and often at risk of great personal pain and loss. This is a film to make us appreciate the freedom we take completely for granted in the United States. Drawing parallels between struggles in Egypt, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Malaysia and Ukraine, this film shows us that the will to be free is universal.


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