24 Campaign – $24K / 24 Days / 24 Filmmakers Fundraiser

$10K Match from Katrina Basile, Realtor

To help us cross the finish line, Katrina Basile, Realtor, generously offered to match all donations in the past 36 hours up to $10,000! Thank you to Frank & Katrina Basile.

Help Bring Filmmakers to Heartland Film Events

An annual celebration of independent film in Indianapolis, the Heartland Film Festival aims to showcase films that inspire both filmmakers and audiences. To celebrate our 24th year as a world-renowned film festival, we hope to raise $24,000 for our Filmmakers Fund, which allows us to directly connect audiences with filmmakers and their meaningful stories.

With your generous support, Heartland Film can continue to bring the best talent in independent film to the Midwest. Your donation will go directly towards the costs of bringing filmmakers, both international ($2,500 average) and domestic ($1,500 average) talent, to the Heartland Film Festival, Heartland Film Roadshow screenings, mini-festivals, master classes and other special events. Our stretch goal is to support 24 filmmakers, which would be a minimum of $36,000!

Once a film is selected for the Festival, filmmakers become part of the Heartland Film family. Through the 24 Campaign, we are able to facilitate the unique experience of connecting filmmakers and audiences through a mutual love of meaningful storytelling. In a film festival setting, filmmakers are able to see the effects of their film outside the screen and audience members are able to engage with filmmakers about the creative process.

Every donation—no matter how big or small—helps Heartland Film continue its mission. To support the art of independent filmmaking, select a donation level and receive special perks as a reward for your generosity. Thank you for supporting Heartland Film!

Your donation may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law; please consult your tax advisor. Heartland Film, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization (Federal Tax ID #35-1832797).

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Issues with PayPal? Click here to donate via Agile. Prefer to pay over the phone? Please call the Heartland Film office at (317) 464-9405 or email us at info@heartlandfilm.org.


Thank You to Donors Over $10

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