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Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the Heartland Film Festival and year-round programs, including the planning of events, working at the theaters and providing hospitality for filmmakers and guests. Volunteers also provide valuable assistance in our year-round programming, educational, marketing and fundraising efforts.

All of our volunteers receive mailings, news and other information about Heartland Film. We’d love to have you get involved!

Seeking 2017 HFF Volunteer Film Screeners!

Do you have a critical eye for film?

We are in the process of considering new screening committee members across the Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature and Short Film categories.

Heartland Film Festival screening committee members are committed to a rigorous and time-consuming process. Narrative and Documentary Feature committee members are expected to watch 4-8 feature-length films per week, and our Short Film committee members are expected to watch 12-18 short films per week (short films are 50 minutes or less). All committees will need to fill out online reviews for each film watched. The screening process will begin for the feature-length committees mid-April, and will last for approximately 12 weeks. The shorts committee will begin screening films mid-March and will continue for approximately 14 weeks.

There is a preliminary test you must take to be considered. If interested, please email Angie Monger, Film Programming Manager, at amonger@heartlandfilm.org. She will provide you with a link to a few short films to review. From that point the programming team will follow up with you regarding potential opportunities.

Committee openings are limited. If you are not invited to be on a committee this year we encourage you to try again next year!

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2016 Heartland Film Festival Volunteers of the Year

Committee of the Year


The Committee of the Year Award honors a volunteer committee that exhibited endless enthusiasm and tireless effort in support of the 2016 Heartland Film Festival.

The winner of the 2016 Committee of the Year Award is the WELCOME BAG committee, which includes Barbara Jablonski, Jan Taylor, Sydney Powell, Oren Cooley, Pam Greene, Linda Rosenberg, Robyn McMahon, Ellen Smith, Barbara Tegarden, Peggy Nommay and Ellen Smith.

Paul and Marie Sparks Award (previously known as the Hours Award)


The Paul and Marie Sparks Award honors an individual whose service went above and beyond the expectations of volunteering. This volunteer displayed high levels of passion and enthusiasm and greatly improved the success of the 2016 Heartland Film Festival.

President’s Award


The President’s Award honors an individual who has exemplified outstanding leadership and dedication in helping Heartland Film continue implementing our mission of inspiring filmmakers and audiences through the transformative power of film.

Bob Dietrich Award


The Bob Dietrich Award honors volunteers who contributed ample amounts of time, effort and enthusiasm to ensure the success of the 2016 Heartland Film Festival with boundless energy. Bob Dietrich was a dedicated Heartland Film volunteer for many years before eventually transitioning into a staff member. Bob was always there to help Heartland succeed and he will always hold a special place in our hearts. Bob passed away in 2011, but his love of film and Heartland continues to live on.

Rising Star Award


The Rising Star Award honors a new volunteer who has impressed the Heartland Film staff with his/her dedication, passion and willingness to help the 2016 Heartland Film Festival  in a profound way.

Fast and Furious Award



Wonder Woman Award



127 Hours Award